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Founded in 1991, out of hunger for finance, LINC quickly became the primary organization for students interested in finance at Lund University. We do not limit ourselves to following the stock market, instead we treasure our student members and aim to be the bridge between academic and professional reality that in the end adds value – the student – to the world of finance.

Our vision is to become the foremost finance organization in Northen Europe. LINC strives to accomplish this by establishing and managing relationships between the actors of the finance industry and the top performing students at Lund University.

Continuously working to strengthen the link between the academic world and the financial industry, LINC has built a successful track-record of organizing finance related events attracting a large number of students. From international field trips to on-campus related events such as investment banking forums and speaker events.

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Danske Bank – FX, First-Year Analyst

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Danske Bank – Investment Banking Internship

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Equity Report: NEPA – Strong growth but high expectations

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