As a part-time Analyst at Polaris, you will be part of the largest private equity analyst program in Denmark and gain extraordinary insights into the industry. Strategic road mapping, financial analysis, investment decisions and operational development are all part of our everyday life, creating a unique opportunity for you to prepare – both professionally and personally – for your future business career. Our Analysts stay with us for two years, after which they typically start their careers at leading investment banks or management consultancies in the Nordics or internationally.

Job description
Our group of 3-6 Analysts is an integral part of the Polaris team, counting 27 employees in total. The position comes with a large degree of responsibility and a wide variety of assignments, including:

* Preparation for investment decisions – E. g. presentations, financial and strategic analyses, interviews, and discussion papers
* Strategy projects for your 3-4 allocated portfolio companies
* Company deep-dives and industry studies
* Participation in valuation, financial modeling and return calculations
* Maintenance of information databases, our website, social media, and similar tasks

The workload is approximately 20 hours per week with flexibility from both sides, allowing you to excel in your studies and at Polaris. You are offered an attractive salary. Polaris also opens up for the opportunity to take a full-time Analyst position after your bachelor studies, enabling you to apply for a Master’s degree abroad or simply to add an additional layer of work experience to your resume. Note that Polaris invests substantial resources in Analysts’ personal and professional development and, therefore, requires a strong commitment in return.


You are fluent in either Danish or Swedish and among the brightest of your class. You have strong analytical skills, good knowledge of Excel and PowerPoint, and excellent English capabilities. You are preferably a third-year bachelor student focusing on finance or any other relevant study concentration.

More information

Please contact Alexander Baungaard (, +45 3115 2979) or John Kleven Falck (, +46 761 667 625) if you need any further information.


We are open for applications as of now and will conduct ongoing interviews. Applications should be sent no later than Sunday December 16. 2018. Apply by emailing cover letter, CV, grade transcripts and any references to