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Equity report: Firefly – Subdued operational risk with substantial upside potential

Analysts Sebastian Hofstedt and Emil Erbring investigate the outlook of Firefly, which specializes in fire protection for industrial plants, oil rigs and infrastructure projects. The analysts elaborate on Firefly’s eminent position to capitalize on further fire protection regulations. Substantial investments in to the production, followed by several purchases from the chairman Mitteregger generates confidence for [...]

Equity report: Novotek – A venture into cyber security creates opportunities for future growth

Analysts Klas Danielsson and William Wiksell have investigated the outlooks for Novotek, which specialize in automation and IT solutions for the industrial sector. Through the acquisition of Kerrco Automation, Novotek is expanding  geographically, as well as gaining future growth and margin opportunities. Furthermore, as the management indicates a venture into cyber security, there are positive [...]

Golman Sachs – Summer Analyst Programme

A Goldman Sachs internship gives you a unique opportunity to learn about the finance industry. Our interns don’t learn by watching, they learn by getting involved in real projects. The Summer Analyst programme is for students currently pursuing a university degree and is usually undertaken during the penultimate year of study. This is a ten-week [...]

Write your Master’s thesis in Machine Learning at SEB

Are you intresserad in deep learning in algorithmic FX trading? SEB is currently looking for students to write their master thesis at the bank. You will be located in the high intensive environment on Scandinavia's largest trading-floor and be a part of a team that is responsible for the developing and maintaining models for algorithmic [...]

Equity report: Stille – Acqusition strategy predicted to optimize cost base and contribute to revenue growth

In this equity report, analysts Enes Ljuca and Dante Haques evaluate Stille. The report discusses possibilities for further cost synergies and operational leverage after recent acquisitions and operational changes. This report is written in Swedish If you want to get in touch with the analysts, please send an email to analysgruppen@linclund.com. Please on the picture [...]

Equity report: NETG – Reorganised capital structure and interesting profitable growth

In this equity report, analysts Kevin Nilsson and Olle Göransson evaluate Net Gaming Europe. The company has recently gone through major transformations with regards to operations and capital structure. The report guides for future growth potential and short-term triggers. This report is written in Swedish If you want to get in touch with the analysts, [...]

Equity report: Homemaid – potential spinoffs reveal hidden values

Analysts Gustav Nilsson and Sebastian Würtz have investigated the outlooks for Homemaid, specialising in household services and senior recruitment. The company has a leading position on a highly fragmented market, with potential of strengthening their position by consolidating the market in the near future. Through a sum of the parts valuation, the analysts have revealed [...]

Equity report: Avensia – The expansion of Storefront is about to take off

In this equity report, analysts Teodor Sjöberg and Henrik Guditz evaluate the software developer- and IT-consultancy firm Avensia. The analysts portray different near term outcomes regarding the international expansion of the in-house developed e-platform Storefront. Furthermore Sjöberg and Guditz illustrate the potential operational leverage as a result of a shift in workforce towards the Philippines [...]

Equity report: Stillfront – Diversified portfolio aligned for profitable growth

In this equity report, analysts Jakob Lembke and Johan Cisneros evaluate Stillfront group. The company has shown double-digit growth the past years, partly boosted by a high rate of acquisitions. The analysts narrate why Stillfront may be well positioned to further grow through acquisitions, but also through organic growth with current games and upcoming releases. [...]

Studenter sökes till Internship på Första AP-fonden

Studenter sökes till Internship på Första AP-fonden (AP1) Första AP-fonden är en av buffertfonderna i det allmänna pensionssystemet och förvaltade 30 juni 2017 323 miljarder kr. Fonden har en global inriktning med placeringar i aktier, obligationer, alternativa tillgångar och valuta. Tillgångarna förvaltas såväl internt som genom externa förvaltare. Nu söker vi på AP1 två studenter [...]