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Macro report: Eurozone Politics

Ten years ago the world’s economic and political order seemed to be set on an foreseeable course. Economic globalization was expected to rapidly advances as information technologies along with wider trade agreements was lowering the costs of doing business across national borders.This analys examine the impact of five potential factors changing the game in Europe; [...]

Macro report: The booming Swedish Housing Market

In recent years housing prices have grown strongly in Sweden, and with them the ratio of household debt to household income. This has caused some to worry there may be trouble ahead. We take a closer look at some of the factors influencing housing prices in Sweden, as well as the probable future path of [...]

Equity report: Waystream Holding – Shift in operational focus is expected to generate further growth

In this equity report, analyst Jonna Tillenius evaluate Waystream Holding. The company is shifting their operational focus from product development to sales and marketing. The analyst narrate why Waystream may be well positioned to grow further through organic growth within domestic as well as international markets. This report is written in Swedish. If you want [...]

Tagmaster – Margin expansion and growth through acquisitions

Analysts Dante Haques and Fabian Brandl Lopez have investigated the outlooks for TagMaster, a company specializing in traffic and rail solutions. Through the acquisition of Magsys, Tagmaster is expanding its geographical reach, as well as gaining future growth opportunities. Furthermore, with restructuring and consolidation of previous acquisitions, there are identified synergy effects that is projected [...]

Macro report: China analysis – A path towards consumption

China plays a dominant role in stimulating demand for global markets. As the second largest economy emerges as a world superpower, they will likely affect markets in a different way – through domestic consumption. Tenuous trade relations with the U.S., a rising service sector, and liberalization of its financial services industry point in this direction. If [...]

Wise Group – Recurring revenues and high dividends yield combined with expected growth

In this equity report, analysts Johan Brown and Patrik Nilsson evaluate Wise Group. The company has shown growth potential and opt towards further acquisitions. The analysts narrate why Wise Group may be well positioned to further grow through acquisitions, but might experience some head wind with regards to the cost base. This report is written [...]

Equity report: Swedencare – Well-established distribution network aligns synergies for new product acquisitions

In this equity report, analyst Anton Ljung evaluates Swedencare. The report discusses how Swedencares well-established distribution network has the potential to leverage future sales growth through acquisitions of new products. This report is written in Swedish If you want to get in touch with the analysts, please send an email to analysgruppen@linclund.com. Please click here [...]

Investment Banking Analyst Positions – Equity Capital Markets

Are you an ambitious business or economics student who ranks among the best in your class? Seize the opportunity to apply for the position as Analyst in our Equity Capital Markets team based in the City of London. We are now recruiting 2 analysts for an immediate start. Apply before 7 July 2017 to become [...]

Macro report: The US-economy, doom or gloom?

The head of our macro team, Sebastian Svensson-Bromert, explores the health of the US economy and the possible headwinds with the US automotive industry as a starting point. If you want to contact him or if you have any questions regarding the report, please send an email to: analysgruppen@linclund.com. Case summary: Weakening auto sales Increasing [...]

LINC Articles: Publication III – Financial Products

In this LINC article about financial products, analyst Andreas Israelsson, analyst Daniel Rosengren and analyst Jesper Carlsson have analyzed one phenomenon each related to financial products. Each article has an introductory, descriptive part as well as subsequent parts where the analyst discusses and analyzes the tool or phenomena. In this LINC Articles edition about financial [...]