/Publications from R&A

New Nordic Healthbrands – New products during 2020 are expected to contribute to high earnings growth

In this equity report, analyst Victor Östlund takes a deep-dive into New Nordic Healthbrands (or “NHH”). NHH develops, distributes, and sells dietary supplements and naturopathic medication around the globe. Our analyst, Östlund, expects NHH to keep winning market shares over the two coming years by leveraging a highly effective marketing strategy and innovative development department. [...]

Forex Pattern Trading – Finding and utilizing the occurrence of price spike reversals

In this project, quant analysts Petra Kamenická, Erik Lundgren and Frej Örnberg, investigate price spike reversals through different ways of quantitative analysis and assess whether there is any preceding bias or non-randomness in the forex market. The pattern is defined as a sharp price movement in any direction (a spike), followed by a return to [...]

Saniona: Closing in on the orphan drug market

In this equity report, analyst Jacob Helmersson takes a deep-dive into Saniona. Saniona is a biotech company that is currently in possession of a broad drug pipeline that focuses on rare metabolic diseases. If Sanionas flagship drug, Tesomet, were to hit the market, our analyst estimates a high chance of them becoming a leader on [...]

Stock Prices; a machine learning approach – Financial time series forecasting with machine learning

Machine learning is the ability for computers to learn and improve without being explicitly programmed to do so. The techniques have been around for a while but not applicable due to technological constraints. However, with today’s computational power and the availability of data, one can efficiently create and train powerful models. The aim of this [...]

TRADING THROUGH ARTIFICIAL EYES – Time Series Classifications Using Deep Neural Networks

Simply the appearance of historical price data contains lots of information. Our trading system is able to see historical prices in a similar way to humans, it can detect visual features of price windows from which it is able to make profitable trades. The main feature of this system is the computer vision algorithm, a [...]

INVISIO COMMUNICATIONS- A fast growing market leaves sole player Invisio with huge potential

As only player in a growing niche market Invisio sees large sales growth potential. There is a growing awareness of costs related to hearing impairments. As Invisio is the the sole producer of a solution which accounts to this as well as advanced communication, this will potentially result in increased interest for Invisio's products, where [...]

PRICER AB – The emerging e-commerce space might benefit Pricer in the short-term

Pricer’s revenue in the North American market is estimated to grow due to Best Buy orders. Revenue generated from the US increased by 260 % from 2017-2018 as a result of orders from the retail chain Best Buy. So far 240 installations have been made. Best Buy currently have 1008 stores in the US. Orders [...]

Spinoffs – The crossover strategy

Research has shown that several factors cause spinoffs to have an increased initial volatility. The trading system in this report analyses and trades on 39 different spinoffs from 10 years back, focusing on spinoffs from the New York Stock Exchange. The main driver of the system is the high initial volatility created in spinoffs from IPO. The [...]

THE CDS PORTFOLIO – A zero investment strategy using credit default swap pricing as indicator of equity market inefficiency

“Higher risk yields higher return” is a backbone in financial analysis. The portfolio strategy is that this is true for credit risk as well, to measure credit risk this research uses the credit default swap (CDS) for 347 stocks included in the S&P 500. This strategy was able to outperform the S&P 500 portfolio over [...]

Trading on Historical Repetitiveness – a Hedging Strategy Against the S&P 500

Human behavior tends to react in akin ways, hence creating opportunities to implement profitable strategies. Our trading strategy identifies historical similarities in the development of the percentage relation between EUR/USD. By comparing a current pattern with historical ones, the system provides the user with trading recommendations. The system’s main feature is the prediction algorithm, which [...]