Investment Process

Investment Strategy

The investment process of LCAM relies on decades of academic insights combined with meticulous analysis. The investment universe is global and investments are made in Equity- and Debt instruments. A core aspect of our process is the focus on asset allocation strategies, rather than asset selection.

Equities: A combination of factor strategies, thematic investments and single stock strategies are employed.

Bonds:  The exposure is determined by relative value analysis of broad Credit- and Rates indices for different geographies, as well as durations.

Objectives and Implementation

  • Volatility cap: Continuous evaluation of portfolio risk, with a volatility target below 7 % per annum.
  • Rebalancing: Every second month, the portfolio is rebalanced according to our current asset allocation policy.
  • Low fees: When external mandates such as ETF:s or Mutual Funds are used, the selection is based on low tracking error and low fees.

Meet the Team

Staffan Bülow, CIO

With a passion for equity research, Staffan brings clarity to equity oriented investment themes and equity strategies. Staffan has conducted equity research on Analyst Group and is an incoming equity research summer intern at ABG Sundal Collier.

Gustav Furenmo

With a background in equity research Gustav has a broad understanding within the equity- and portfolio management space. Gustav has recently completed a spring internship at BNP Paribas and is an incoming summer intern at BNP Paribas Global markets.

Gustaf Nordin

Gustaf has a thorough understanding of credit-oriented investment themes and experience from investments through an earlier role as a Junior analyst at an AIF. Furthermore, Gustaf is an incoming summer intern at BNP Paribas Global markets.

Erik Bjärum

With a background from trading, Erik has a thorough understanding of trading strategies, case oriented equity ideas and equity trading. Erik is currently Head of Trading & Technical Analysis in LINC Research & Analysis.

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