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Global Gaming 555 – Fast growing gambling company with 71 % mobile revenues

In this equity report, analysts Johan Brown and Carl-Ferdinand Carsjö evaluate Global Gaming. Global Gaming has seen a [...]

Mr Green & Co AB – New Acquisition Strategy and Marketing Renaissance might be the winning hand

In this equity report, analyst Olle Göransson assess Mr Green & Co. The company is valued at a [...]

Online Gambling – Recent trends and future industry outlook

In this market report, analysts Olle Göransson and Patrik Nilsson evaluate the Online Gambling industry. The market has [...]

Opportunities in European Equities – Searching for the Highest Risk-adjusted Returns Across Equity Indices

In this investment research report, analysts James Skoggard and Björn Van dijkman evaluate investment opportunities in European equities. [...]

Nordic Leisure – Acquisition driven growth enables margin expansion

In this equity report, analysts Victor Forss and Carl Sandström assess Nordic Leisure. Due to low competition and [...]

AwardIT – Scalable business model with increased revenue diversification

In this equity report, analysts Petrus Lindh and Fabian Lopez evaluate Awardit AB. The company has initiated a [...]

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Meet the teams in LINC R&A

Equity analysis

Our equity analysis group consists of about 30 student analysts, ranging from first year students to final year master students. The primary focus is to analyze Swedish small cap stocks, but through our international team, UK-small cap stocks, are also covered.

R&A also has an equity portfolio, where we put theoretical concepts regarding portfolio management into practice, as we invest in our highest conviction equity ideas.

Macro analysis

The macro team covers two main areas. The team is delivering pitches to LINCs asset management committee – LCAM, where current macro economic events and risks in the financial system are analyzed. Second, the team generates more extensive analytical work through top down cases. The top down cases are aimed at finding the most interesting trends currently affecting a specific sector or a category of companies.

Technical analysis

LINC R&A’s technical analysis team focuses mainly on two areas. The first consists of conducting technical analysis for our equity team’s reports. Apart from this, the TA-team is also back-testing and developing trading strategies by identifying historical patterns, primarily in stocks.

LINC R&A gives students in-depth knowledge regarding the analytical process of equity research. By screening through top- and bottom down approach, using financial modeling (DCF, SOTP, valuation ratios, NCAV, sensitivity analysis) the students derive conclusions regarding the future drivers and the trajectory of a stock.

Some of the software applied in our research:  

Students active in LINC R&A have received offers from firms such as Fidelity Investments, BNP Paribas, ABG Sundal Collier, Carnegie, SEB and Private Equity Firms. 

“LINC is a fantastic network for all interested in finance. Do attend LINC’s events and trips! I got to meet several very driven people. It was even a former LINC member who helped me into Fidelity. LINC R&A is one of the best ways to get invaluable, hands on experience early in your studies, and LINC helps exposing you towards finance professionals.”

– Oscar Andersson, Analyst at Bodenholm. (Former analyst at Fidelity Investments, Aberdeen Asset management and a member of LINC R&A.)

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