Cutting edge technology solutions for an old world problem. Cardiac and vascular diseases continue to be the most common cause of death in the western world. During a coronary bypass surgery for example, the doctor have to rely on their own sense to identify where is located the artery blockage as well as use their fingertip to feel the pulsation and confirm the blood flow in the new graft. Medistim’s products provides relevant information that empowers surgeons to make better-informed decisions in the operating room, enabling medical professionals to reduce risk and enhance quality of cardiac, vascular and transplant surgery.

Blue ocean market ready to be explored. More than 700 000 coronary bypass surgeries are performed annually worldwide, 63% of these without using a quality assurance device. Medistim is this niche market leader being present in 32% of the world procedures while competitors owns the remaining 5%. The Company’s penetration is expected to increase as quality assurance in surgeries is getting more attention and acceptance. In Japan and in some European countries for example, it is almost unthinkable to perform bypass surgery without using a flow system to ensure proper graft quality.

High growth opportunities ahead. Considering that there is broad clinical and scientific support for the method, the expansion potential is large in major markets like USA, England and France. At the same time, markets like Brazil, Russia, India and China are showing a growing demand and interest in Medistim’s products. The devices are also applicable to vascular and open heart surgeries which creates new opportunities for the Company in addition to the coronary market that today is the focus of Medistim.

Analysts: Thiago Brito and Sebastian Andersen