In this equity report, analyst Victor Östlund takes a deep-dive into New Nordic Healthbrands (or “NHH”). NHH develops, distributes, and sells dietary supplements and naturopathic medication around the globe. Our analyst, Östlund, expects NHH to keep winning market shares over the two coming years by leveraging a highly effective marketing strategy and innovative development department.

Investment highlights:

  • A fully owned value chain gives NHH superior brand leverage, which enables reduced risk and gross margins exceeding 70%
  • NHH’s global brand presence leaves them well-positioned to capitalize on a fragmented and fast-growing market, 9.7% CAGR, characterized by regional players
  • Strong insider ownership of more than 60% gives the management clear incentives to generate shareholder value going forward

To get the analyst’s full view, please see the report below: