In this report, analysts Noah Öhlin and Petter Lindberg take a deep-dive into the solar power producer Etrion SA. The Company is an independent electricity producer that develops, builds and owns utility-scale power plants. While environmental, social and governance (ESG) is putting things in favour of the green-tech Company, Etrion is also making substantial investments into their business. The two upcoming solar plants “Niigata” and “Mie” is accumulatively going to increase Etrion’s operational solar capacity by 184,2 % within approx. five years.

Investment highlights:

  • Etrion operates in Japan and secures all assets through Feed-in-Tariffs backed by the Japanese government, working as a financial life west for the foreseeable future
  • The Asian solar energy market is expected to grow with a revenue CAGR of 22,3 % within 2019 – 2024 creating substantial growth opportunities for the Company
  • The Niigata solar project is estimated to add 147,3 MSEK in annual revenues, expected to grant a scaling 6,7 % CAGR

To get the analyst’s full view, please see the report below: