Macro report: Scenario analysis of the upcoming OPEC meeting

LINC R&A presents our second macro analysis for the semester, a scenario analysis of the upcoming OPEC meeting. This analysis was written by our macro analyststs Ludvig Tingåker and Martin Holmquist. Summary of the most important conclusions: OPEC is expected to announce an agreement of a production ceiling following their upcoming meeting November30th. Russia has [...]

Macro Report: Analyzing the events in Q4

This week, analysts Martin Nilsson and Alex Mikaelsson from our Macro-team has analyzed the major economic events in Q4 2016. What are the potential consequences of the Italian referendrum? How will the upcoming U.S presidential election affect the economy? If you have any questions regarding the report, please contact us by sending an email to: [...]

Macro report: Does silver shine brighter than gold?

The first analysis of this semester comes from the macro team within LINC R&A. The analysts have evaluated the silver market and the future potential of silver as an investment.   Read the analysis