Education & Career Preparation

At the core of Career Preparation lies the tutoring program, which aims to help students pursue prestigious investment banking internships. The program was initiated 2015 with great success and this year the program has an even more meticulous structure and an array of new strategies to create suitable candidates. The Career Preparation committee consists of senior LINC members with previous investment banking experience and the main goal is to help junior members in their endeavors. The committee aims to prepare LINCs members for a career in investment banking by offering courses in Bloomberg, Excel, VBA and Financial Modeling as well as interview preperation. The practical knowledge provided by these courses are highly appreciated, both by students and companies. Those responsible for the education seminars possess great knowledge of the aforementioned subjects, and as a reward for their efforts they receive outstanding recommendations from LINC, something that has proven to be a valuable asset when demonstrating skills and interest to employers.

If your goal is to break into investment banking, LINCs Career Preparation committee will provide you with both the tools and the network to do so. If you have any questions regarding seminars or working as a tutor, please contact Head of Career Preparation Ludwig Nilsenstrand at