Investment Process

Investment Strategy

The investment process of LCAM relies on decades of academic insights combined with meticulous analysis. The investment universe is global and investments are made in Equity- and Debt instruments. A core aspect of our process is the focus on asset allocation strategies, rather than asset selection.

Equities: A combination of factor strategies, thematic investments and single stock strategies are employed.

Bonds:  The exposure is determined by relative value analysis of broad Credit- and Rates indices for different geographies, as well as durations.

Objectives and Implementation

  • Volatility cap: Continuous evaluation of portfolio risk, with a volatility target below 7 % per annum.
  • Rebalancing: Every second month, the portfolio is rebalanced according to our current asset allocation policy.
  • Low fees: When external mandates such as ETF:s or Mutual Funds are used, the selection is based on low tracking error and low fees.

Meet the Team

Staffan Bülow, CIO

With a passion for equity research, Staffan brings clarity to equity oriented investment themes and equity strategies. Staffan has conducted equity research on Analyst Group and as a summer intern at ABG Sundal Collier, where he will be working after graduation.

Gustav Furenmo

With a background in equity research Gustav has a broad understanding within the equity- and portfolio management space. Gustav has completed a spring internship at BNP Paribas, is an incoming summer intern at BNP Paribas Global markets and an incoming coroporate finance intern at ABG Sundal Collier.

Gustaf Nordin

Gustaf has a thorough understanding of credit-oriented investment themes and experience from investments through an earlier role as a Junior analyst at an AIF. Furthermore, Gustaf has conducted a summer internship at BNP Paribas Global markets.

Erik Bjärum

With a background from trading, Erik has a thorough understanding of trading strategies, case oriented equity ideas and equity trading. Erik is currently Head of Trading & Technical Analysis in LINC Research & Analysis.

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