LINC Magazine #10 17/18

The 10th edition of LINC Magazine has now been released! The focus of this year’s edition is not only to cover the previous year in words, but also to highlight our new initiatives as well as our visions for the future. In this years edition, you can read all about:

  • Our work and events throughout the year
  • Interviews with Emanuel Björne (Hansa Medical publ), LINC alumni Markus Drott and Sean George.
  • Humans of LINC
  • Equity report from LINC R&A
  • LINC Asset Management
  • The world of LINC

… and much more!

Linc Magazine 2017-2018 

You can grab a hold of a physical copy of LINC magazine by visiting LINC’s boardroom, located in the basement of EC:1.

LINC Magazine is a student-run magazine produced by members of LINC. LINC magazine was from the beginning focused on providing useful information about financial markets, different investment strategies as well as providing future career-opportunities to our members.