Research & Analysis

LINC R&A (Research & Analysis) is the group within LINC that provides our members with the in-depth practical knowledge required to perform quality equity research. As an analyst, you are assigned to a number of companies that you are responsible to follow on a frequent basis and write reports on. To make sure all our analysts are well-prepared, everyone involved is required to attend lectures and seminars focused around what you need to know to become a great analyst. Further, beyond just learning the central concepts of investing, our R&A analysts also get the opportunity to meet prominent LINC Alumni and other professionals active in the industry today.

LINC R&A collaborates with Analyst Group, a newly founded Stockholm based equity research house with focus on small-cap stocks. For more information please visit For the 2020/2021 school-year, the R&A Team is led by Victor Östlund.

For more information contact Victor at