Research & Analysis

LINC R&A (Research & Analysis) is the group within LINC that provides our members with the in-depth practical knowledge required to perform quality equity research, quantitative research, and financial analysis. The group consists of 40-50 student analysts each semester.

As an analyst, you have different tasks depending on what team you choose, equity, financial, or quantitative. One can expect to write equity research reports, produce pitch books, and in the quantitative team, reports on trading strategies.

To make sure all our analysts are well-prepared, we require everyone involved to attend lectures and seminars focused around what you need to know to become a great analyst. Further, beyond just learning the central concepts of investing, our R&A analysts also get the opportunity to meet prominent LINC Alumni and other professionals active in the industry today.

LINC R&A collaborates with Analyst Group, a newly founded Stockholm based Equity Research firm with a focus on small-cap stocks. For more information, please visit

For the 2020-2021 schoolyear, LINC Research & Analysis is led by Victor Östlund.

For more information, contact Victor at